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Fedora Educational Applications


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Another list with recommendations concerning educational applications can be found here.

name of application short description recommended age
educational enviroment
sugar complete educational enviroment 6+
tuxtype2 typing tutor 6+
misc edu apps
childsplay games for children 4+
gcompris suite for children 2+
enigma oxyd-like game ?
office apps
dia diagram creation program 12+
planner project management 14+
scribus desktop publishing 12+
taskjuggler project management 14+
kdissert mindmapping for kde 12+
vym planning & drawing ?
tuxpaint painting program for young children 4+
blender modelling of 3D figures 14+
gimp image manipulation 12+
inkscape vector drawing program 10+
skencil vector drawing program 12+
xfig drawing program 12+
drgeo geometry 10+
galculator calculator 8+
octave language for numerical computations 18+
qalculate calculator with gtk or qt interface 8+
wxmaxima computer algebra system 16+
natural science
atomix chemical game 10+
celestia planetarium software 14+
chemtool drawing chemical structures 12+
gchempaint chemistry 12+
bkchem chemistry 12+
BALLview molecular modeling and visualization 16+
genchemlab chemistry 12+
gnome-chemistry-utils chemistry 12+
gperiodic periodic system 12+
stellarium astronomy 14+
xaos interactive fractal zoomer 14+
computer science
bluefish editor for programmers 10+
kile kde latex editor 12+
labplot data analysis 14+
pythoncad cad 16+
qcad cad 16+
artistic work / sound
audacity audio editor 12+
hydrogen drum machine 14+
jokosher audio editor 12+
rosegarden4 audio + midi sequencer 14+
solfege musical education 6+
muse score cross platform WYSIWYG music notation program 12+
kdenlive non-linear video editor 12+
stardict dictionary platform ?
lincity-ng city simulation 10+
grass geographic information system ?
gonvert unit converter 12+

general system applications

name of application short description
krdc rdesktop & vnc interface
tsclient rdesktop & vnc interface

teacher tools

name of application short description
fl_teachertool remote control a terminal, broadcast teacher's desktop, send files, lock screen...
kde's kiosktool preset and lock down user's desktop and preferences
eXe authoring application to assist teachers and academics in the publishing of web content without the need to become proficient in HTML or XML markup. (exports to moodle)
Hot Potatoes lesson construction software to build a teaching website; includes crosswords, gap-fills, cloze tests, matching, multiple choice and jumbled exercises. (exports to moodle)
Wink screen cast / tutorials editor
recordMyDesktop screen cast --> ogg

web applications

name of application short description
Moodle a course management system (CMS) - designed to help educators create effective online courses
Wordpress blogging system
Joomla content management system (CMS)
Drupal community and content management system
Drupal WebQuests Module WebQuests module for drupal
MediaWiki wiki web system

note: although these web applications are easily installed with yum they some time require some extra setup and connection to an SQL database and the initiation of some basic tables before they start to work, fixing this can help teachers alllllooot :-)

note: ghemical and skynet are currently not part of Fedora


Education software

  • See K12 Open Minds for a list of favorite applications from K12 teachers and IT staff at the 2009 K12 Open Minds conference in Indiana.

Open education resources, content, and courseware

  • -- open education resources with social ranking (participation) and contribution possibilies