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my name Eko ikhyar , I come from Indonesia exactly in makassar, I am using fedora and tried to learn more in to use fedora.

I joined in the linux community in my hometown of Kendari Linux Users Group aka KPLI-Kendari, [1]

I hope to popularize Linux in Indonesia's special or his in kendari my birthplace..

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Eko Ikhyar

Contact Data

  • Website/Blog: (Indonesia)
  • E-mail: anakonda (at) kendari (dot) linux (dot) or (dot) id
  • PGP: 8E6E7235
  • IRC: ikhyar
  • Fedora Account: Ekoikhyar

Mini Bio

I am a graduate of electronics, not too much to know about computers, began to linux at the moment working as a web programmer at one of the base flight safety company, I am required to know the unix operating system at the moment we are using QNX, because at that time I was not familiar with text base OS, so I prefer RedHat RHEL4 my job as a maid, I use it to make aviation safety server (Aeronautical Data Processing Systems).

At this moment I am using fedora and always try anything if fedora distro on launch.

Curiculum Vita

  • Location: Jln Sunu, Makassar. 5°7'25"S / 119°25'49"E
  • Time Zone: UTC +08:00
  • Languages: Indonesian (first language), English (as second language).
  • Nacionality: Indonesia
  • Higer Education:

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KPLI Kendari Linux User Group