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Eko Prawiro Wijoyo Ikhyar (Ekoikhyar)
Eko Prawiro Wijoyo Ikhyar (Ekoikhyar)
Eko Prawiro Wijoyo Ikhyar (Ekoikhyar)
Personal Information
Birthday: September, 11
Birth Place: Kolaka, southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia
Home: Jl. Sunu No.152, Makassar, Indonesia
Fedora-specific Information
FAS-Name: ekoikhyar
Miscellaneous Information
private Mail:
Home Page:
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GPG-Key: [1]
IRC: ikhyar or ekoikhyar on Freenode in
#fedora-meeting #fedora-ambassadors #fedora-websites #fedora-l10n #fedora-id #kpli-kendari

My name is Ekoikhyar, come from Makassar, Indonesia, joined the linux community in my hometown Kendari Linux User Groups, very big I hope to popularize Linux, especially in Kendari where I was born in Southeast Sulawesi.

I contribute to Fedora Project since 2007 and mainly I take care of contribute developing a Community of Fedora Indonesia, joined the group of Ambassadors, try to contribute to trans-id L10n and help to distribute free media to all corners of Indonesia and promoting Fedora and recruit new talent to our community.

  • Thank you so much for my best mentor user:kaio, which has helped me become fedora ambassador APAC (Indonesia), hopefully I can take this work very well for sounding and invite many more contributors who will join together in fedoraproject.
  • My thanks to the community of fedora Indonesia ( Fedora Indonesian Team ) much to give me lessons in community in which I may not mention one by one.

Self introduction

  • Name: Eko Prawiro Wijoyo Ikhyar
  • Location: Makassar and Kendari, Indonesia
  • Login: ekoikhyar
  • Language: Indinesia (id)
  • Profession: IT Free Lancer
  • About You:
  • GPG KEYID and fingerprint:
gpg --fingerprint
pub   2048R/38A7641D 2016-02-07
      Key fingerprint = E28D 9401 E886 6278 FD85  5320 64A2 E829 38A7 641D
uid                  ekoikhyar (fp-mail: <>
sub   2048R/E7A387EF 2016-02-07


Any progress and ideas

In progress work's (now)

Weblate (Translate-id)

  1. /projects/fedora-websites/getfedoraorg/id/ (status:done)
  2. /projects/fedora-websites/fedoracommunityorg/id/ (status:done)
  3. /projects/fedora-websites/armfedoraprojectorg/id/ (status:done)
  4. /projects/fedora-docs-l10n-docs/masterpagesindex/id/ (status:done)
  5. /project/fedora-websites/altfedoraprojectorg/id/ (status:in progress)

Miscellaneous Information


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