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Migrated hosted repositories to that of another type.

== Contact Information ==
This SOP has moved to the fedora Infrastructure SOP git repo. Please see the current document at:
Owner: Fedora Infrastructure Team

Contact: #fedora-admin, sysadmin-hosted
For changes, questions or comments, please contact anyone in the Fedora Infrastructure team.

Location: Serverbeach
Servers: hosted1, hosted2
Purpose: Migrate hosted SCM repositories to that of another SCM.
== Description == can be used to host open source projects. Occasionally those projects want to change the SCM they utilize. This document provides documentation for doing so.
# An scm for maintaining the code. The currently supported scm's include Mercurial, Git, Bazaar, or SVN. Note: There is no cvs
# A trac instance, which provides a mini-wiki for hosting information and also provides a ticketing system.
# A mailing list
{{Admon/important |  This page is for administrators only.  People wishing to request a hosted project should use the [ Ticketing System] ; see the [|  new project request template].  (Requires Fedora Account)}}
== SVN to GIT migration ==
{{Admon/note | Currently you must manually generate $PROJECTNAME-users.txt by grabbing a list of people in the FAS group - and recording them in th following format <br>
<pre> $fasusername = FirstName LastName <$emailaddress> </pre>
This is error prone, and will stop the git-svn fetch below if an author appears that doesn't exist in the list of users.
<pre> svn log --quiet | awk '/^r/ {print $3}' | sort -u </pre>
The above will generate a list of users in the svn repo.
If all users are FAS users you can use the following script to create a users file (written by tmz (Todd Zullinger)
if [ -z "$1" ]; then
    echo "usage: $0 <svn repo>" >&2
    exit 1
if ! svn info $svnurl &>/dev/null; then
    echo "$1 is not a valid svn repo." >&2
svn log -q $svnurl | awk '/^r[0-9]+/ {print $3}' | sort -u | while read user; do
    name=$( (getent passwd $user 2>/dev/null | awk -F: '{print $5}') || '' )
    [ -z "$name" ] && name=$user
    echo "$user=$name <$email>"
# Log into hosted1
# Make a temporary directory to convert the repos in
#: <pre>$ sudo mkdir /tmp/tmp-$PROJECTNAME.git</pre>
#: <pre>$ ce /tmp/tmp-$PROJECTNAME.git</pre>
# Create an git repo ready to receive migrated SVN data
#: <pre>$ sudo git-svn init$PROJECTNAME --no-metadata </pre>
# Tell git to fetch and convert the repository:
#: <pre>$ git svn fetch </pre>
{{Admon/note | This creation of a temporary repository is necessary because SVN leaves a number of items floating around that git can ignore, and we want those essentially ignored. }}
From here, you'll wanted to follow [[Hosted_repository_setup#Git_Repository | Creating a new git repo]] as if cloning an existing git repository to Fedorahosted.
After that process is done - kindly remove the temporary repo that was created
<pre>$ sudo rm -rf /tmp/tmp-$PROJECTNAME.git </pre>
Alternately, here's another way to do this (tmz):
# Setup a working dir
[tmz@hosted1 tmp (master)]$ mkdir im-chooser-conversion && cd im-chooser-conversion
# Create authors file mapping svn usernames to Name <email> form git uses.
[tmz@hosted1 im-chooser-conversion (master)]$ ~tmz/svn-to-git-authors im-chooser > authors
# Convert svn to git
[tmz@hosted1 im-chooser-conversion (master)]$ git svn clone -s -A authors --no-metadata file:///svn/im-chooser
# Move svn branches and tags into proper locations for the new git repo.
# (git-svn leaves them as 'remote' branches/tags.)
[tmz@hosted1 im-chooser-conversion (master)]$ cd im-chooser
[tmz@hosted1 im-chooser (master)]$ mv .git/refs/remotes/tags/* .git/refs/tags/ && rmdir .git/refs/remotes/tags
[tmz@hosted1 im-chooser (master)]$ mv .git/refs/remotes/* .git/refs/heads/
# Now 'git branch' and 'git tag' should display the branches/tags.
# Create a bare repo from the converted git repo.
# Using file://$(pwd) here ensures that git copies all objects to the new bare repo.
[tmz@hosted1 im-chooser-conversion (master)]$ git clone --bare --shared file://$(pwd)/im-chooser im-chooser.git
# Follow the steps in to
# finish setting proper modes and permissions for the repo.  Don't forget to
# update the description file.
{{Admon/note | This still leaves moving the converted bare repo (im-chooser.git) to /git and fixing up the user/group. }}
=== Questions left to be answered with this SOP ===
* Obviously we need to have requestor review the migration and confirm it's ok.
* Do we then delete the old SCM contents?
* Do we need to change the FAS-group type to grant them access to pull/push from it?

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This SOP has moved to the fedora Infrastructure SOP git repo. Please see the current document at:

For changes, questions or comments, please contact anyone in the Fedora Infrastructure team.