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See the README there for information. This allows us to access SOP's when the wiki is unavailable

The SOP section contains a list of services and projects currently being run and maintained in Fedora's Infrastructure. Current Fedora Infrastructure team members can add services they know about and list common problems and resolutions. This is a great way to make sure that individuals aren't the only ones that can fix a problem..

The SOP section of the wiki is left in the public because it is our hope that others in the community will add common problems, fix our resolutions and just in general look over what we're doing and help us when we're doing something stupid. Are we doing a service httpd stop; service httpd start; when a service httpd graceful would do? Let us know, or better yet just fix it. This is a wiki and in true wiki fashion we encourage anyone interested to go over our processes with a fine tooth comb. It'll make us better and we'll probably learn something in the process. General rule, make change first, ask questions later. Many people are watching the wiki so if something's not right, we'll fix it or revert the page.

To create an Infrastructure SOP, follow the Infrastructure SOP SOP (not joking).

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