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This page is a draft only
It is still under construction and content may change. Do not rely on the information on this page. This page has not been approved by any legal authority. The official guidelines for using the Fedora trademarks are located here.

This page is a place to collect some designs for a secondary Fedora mark.

Fedora Remix

Fedora Remix
Rahul and others have suggested "Fedora Remix" for the secondary wordmark, which I think is also great. If someone wants to turn that into a design, I'd appreciate it! Based on legal review and advice, there will not be a logo with this secondary mark, to avoid diluting the primary trademark "infinity" design.
  • You MAY use the stylized "fedora" text from the Fedora Trademarks in designing this logo.
  • You MAY NOT use the Infinity logo in designing this logo.

Place your designs here!

Draft design #5
File:Fedora secondary logo draft5.svg

Some thoughts:
I like the overall idea. But I think the bottom banner might be more of a unified feel with the following changes:
  • Don't cut the font and the banner with angles. On the font, the effect will be lost at the size most people will use for this mark. On the banner, it seems overly harsh compared to the roundness of the "fedora" word.
  • Try doing something different with the "remix" word -- I was thinking turning the "m" backward would be cool, and maybe replacing the e with an identical-size Є character?

Fedora-logo-drafts mizmo.png
File:Fedora-logo-drafts mizmo.svg

Fedora-logo-drafts herlo.png
File:Fedora-logo-drafts herlo.svg