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This is an Ambassadors SOP that describes how to leave the Ambassadors project or deal with inactivity. Please choose the case that describes best your situation.


I would like to leave the Ambassadors project and want to do that by following Fedora's best practices.


Case 1 : I am leaving because I am/will be busy

This is totally understandable. Many of us have to focus on something else for a certain period of time. You can put yourself on hiatus from the Project for a while by leaving a message at your personal wiki page. Simply inform visitors that you are busy right now. If you know how long your "time out" will take, send a short note to FAmSCo ( to let the community know what's going on.

Don't forget!
Feel free to join us actively again, once you are ready to!

Case 2 : I am leaving permanently

We understand that you might want to leave Ambassadors group for personal or other reasons.

If you do not expect to return to Ambassadors, here's how to do so

  1. Delete or edit accordingly your wiki page
  2. Remove yourself from the Ambassadors Group in the Fedora Account System
  3. Remove yourself from fedora-ambassadors-list

Case 3 : I would like to leave because I am upset with something

We are sorry you feel this way. If you are leaving because of other members/lack of support please try to talk to your mentor first, and be aware of our dispute resolution policy.

We want all Ambassadors to treat each other with respect and professionalism.

If you feel you are not getting the support you need, please let us know what is missing and what should be improved. We will be happy to accept and adopt to criticism. After all this is how we form communities.

Finally, please consider writing an email to FAmSCo ( letting us know what went wrong.

Don't forget!
If you're removing yourself voluntarily for lack of time, you are always welcome to come back if your situation changes.

We appreciate your time and energy and thank you for it!

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