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Most things work out of the box with Fedora 14. However, a few things don't, and require some tweaking. I expect that these fixes will work with other ASUS laptops too.

Wireless driver

Download the latest Realtek 8192se driver (I used rtl8192se_linux_2.6.0019.1207.2010.tar.gz) from the following link:

Install instructions are provided in the fie.

Suspend / resume

Suspend/resume doesn't work out of the box. You need to install a script

Put this script in /etc/pm/sleep.d/20_custom-ehci_hcd and make sure it is executable and owned by root.

Suspend to disk still doesn't work, however, even with this. You need another fix, which is to create a file /etc/pm/config.d/hci.cfg with the following content:

SUSPEND_MODULES="xhci_hcd sdhci_pci sdhci"

Video driver

The U31jg has two video interfaces, an NVIDIA GeForce GT 415M and the integrated Mobile Intel 915. Fedora will drive either of these: if you want to use the Intel 915, which may save power, add this line to your kernel command in /boot/grub/grub.conf/:


HDMI output

I've had a lot of trouble getting X reliably to recognize a projector attached to the HDMI output. However, it's not reliable with Windows either, so this may be a hardware problem.