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Ahmed Kamal ElDin

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Email: [[MailTo(email DOT ahmedkamal <AT> googlemail DOT com)]
GPG Key: 0x0F8F45F7

From deep within the sahara, comes a pharoah geek :) Yep, that's me. Here's a brief note about myself. I have studied electronics and communications engineering at Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt. I have worked as an analog hardware chip designer, as an EDA engineer, programmer, technical marketting, you name it! But one thing I have ultimately enjoyed. Computing, Networking and especially Linux and open source technologies.

Currently, I work as a Linux systems engineer, advocating open source deployment scenarios. My RHCE certificate is 804006394318993. I am working with the fedora-infrastructure team to promote Fedora and help the project move forward. I am currently working at bringing delta rpm to a mirror near you! Check it out

I'm based in Cairo, Egypt, but hey you can fly me over to anywhere in the world ;) If anyone has any plans about anything cool enough to get me excited, go ahead drop me a line. I am always open for discussion. GNU/Linux community, thanks for everything ...