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Fedora Ambassadors Steering Committee Election 2006: Nominations

Candidates may be any member of the Ambassadors group in the Fedora Accounts System. This helps ensure FAmSCo members have some experience with the processes of Fedora Ambassadors but still allows relatively new contributors to sit on FAmSCo and bring fresh ideas to the table.

Candidates must self-nominate at least two days before the voting period opens by writing their information onto the wiki (Fedora account, email and irc nick, statement of past contributions and what they hope to accomplish while a member of FAmSCo.)

Nomination period closed!

Alex Maier (lxmaier)

  • Candidate statement

- Currently member of FAmSCo, running for re-election

  • Contributor profile

- Founder of the Ambassadors program, helped form and grow the numbers of contributors since October 2005

- Helped form the first Ambassadors Steering Committee and establish first rules and procedures for it

- Drove the formation of FAmSCo Task Groups and served on the Budget Task Group, putting in place the reimbursement guidelines for Ambassadors

- Organized and ran two FUDCons in Europe: Karlsruhe 2005 and London 2005

- Wrote FUDCon Organization guidelines

- Member of Fedora Mentors program

  • Future plans

- Continue providing leadership and guidance to Ambassadors

- Further develop and improve the prodcedures to help Ambassadors achieve their goals

- Advocate Fedora and Ambassadors internally within Red Hat to ensure better understanding and visibility of the project and of our goals

Charles Vinchon (littlecharly)

  • Candidate statement

Currently a french Fedora ambassador, i'm an active contributor in many sub-projects, I submit my self-nomination to the FAmSCo

I first became attracted to Linux two years ago,and have been using Fedora since 2005. The enthusiasm of the community, the good environment which reigns there, complete documentation, effective assistance of the contributors, as its ergonomics allured me and I decided to contribute in my turn.I was particularly impressed by the enthousiasm of the community,and I decided to contribute.

  • Contributor profile

- Involved Fedora Artwork

- Involved in French translations of the project

- Involved in bugs reports

- Participant in the FOSDEM 2006 and RMLL2006

- help individual people and also 2 small firms to use Fedora and to migrate to OS applications.

  • Future plans

- develop the competence of people of different ages in computing (mainly youngs and papyboomers)

- improve the impact of Fedora a regards both the general public and professionals.

- develop local events

- develop the graphics, ergonomy, packaging, and marketing of Fedora

- develop the relationship between creators of free contents (pictures 3D meshes, videos, paintings and drawings, sounds and songs, free web radios, free web tvs...)

Damien Durand ([splinux] )

  • Candidate statement
  • Currently an Ambassador for Belgium and active contributor to the Fedora Project , I submit my self-nomination to the FAmSCo
  • Contributor profile
  • Future plans
  • Recrute news ambassadors
  • Help to create fudcons and vfudcons
  • Create the AmbassadorDay program

David Nalley (davidn, ke4qqq)

  • Candidate statement

- Currently an Ambassador and involved in a number of other open source projects.

- Fedora User since FC1, Linux user since 2000.

  • Contributor profile

- Member of Marketing .

- Produced early Kadischi instructional videos

- Migrated numerous businesses either partially or completely to Linux

- Given a veritable plethora of presentations to businesses, organizations, and educational institutions on Linux and Open Source.

- Written several magazine articles on various OSS topics including Fedora

  • Future plans

- Promote new user involvement through low-level events such as LUG meetings to foster adoption.

- Continue presenting Linux and OSS

- Work on increased media/press visibility of Fedora through Ambassadors

FrancescoUgolini (UgoliniFrancesco)

  • Candidate statement

- Currently Ambassadors , I submit my self-nomination to the FAmSCo.

  • Contributor profile

- Fedora user since 2006

- Marketing and Documentation Project member

- I've started Fedora Banners

  • Future plans

- Talk with Local community promoting Fedora and Open Source philosophy

- Improve comunications beetwen ambassadors using new systems and improoving the existing ones

- Give more visibility to Fedora Project

Jack Aboutboul (JackAboutboul, greendisease)

  • Candidate Statement
  • I have a dream that one day the ambassadors will rise up and live out the true meaning of our creed. I think we need to be more innovative in the functions we perform and we need to rethink and redesign some of the current Ambassadors initiatives. We also need to re-align leadership to be more effective and play to our strengths.
  • Contributor Profile
  • Creator of FUDCon.
  • Helped to conceptualize the Fedora Ambassadors before the project was created.
  • I was the original ambassador. Represent.
  • Recently helped redefine guidelines and created the Fedora Event Kit.
  • Helped secure new DVD Vendor for alot cheaper than what we were paying.
  • Member of Fedora Ambassadors , Fedora Marketing .
  • I've been organizing the Fedora presence at our first ever O'reilly OSCON and the past 10 LinuxWorld .
  • Future Plans
  • I want to reassess the current Ambassadors programs and figure out where there is room for optimization.
  • Help establish some new services for Ambassadors in order to streamline the current functions.
  • Create a Fedora store where ambassadors and others can order stuff and upload their own designs for merchandise.
  • Make sure that we are increasing the number of events we are involved in and that we are funding these effectively.

Jeffrey Tadlock (JeffreyTadlock, iWolf)

  • Candidate Statement

- I have been an Ambassador since January of 2006. During that time I have watched the enthusiasm surrounding the Ambassador program fade somewhat. I would like to put my energy into revitalizing the Ambassador group by helping re-energize the current Ambassador Members and recruiting new Ambassadors to enhance existing projects and who offer ideas for other innovative ideas. I want to actively address and remove hurdles people feel they may face in organizing events and getting support for Ambassador related projects. I would be an active board member - available on IRC and via email to help facilitate the success of both new and old projects.

  • Contributor Profile

- Linux user since the late 1990's

- Current member of the Fedora Infrastructure team

- Organizing the Fedora Project presence at upcoming Ohio Linux Fest

  • Future Plans

- Ease event organization preparation for ambassadors

-- Standardize and improve basic printed materials for events

-- Suggested T-Shirt design and other "schwag" ideas

-- Implement an Event Box (similar to the one the GNOME Event Box

- Be available via IRC and email to help guide existing and new Ambassadors

- Encourage active participation in Ambassador projects

- Work to increase the number of active Ambassador members

- Continue to participate in and organize local events

Patrick W. Barnes (nman64)

  • Candidate statement
  • Current FAmSCo member running for re-election.
  • Contributor profile
  • Long-term Fedora Project contributor, helped development of the original Fedora Marketing program prior to Ambassadors inception
  • Administrator of many Fedora projects and resources
  • Coordinates Ambassadors actions with those of other Fedora projects, particularly Infrastructure
  • With help from ThomasChung, RahulSundaram and others, developed significant portions of the Fedora Project wiki and other web resources
  • More...
  • Future plans
  • Return to status of high-availability community leader
  • Continue working with FAmSCo to develop effective policies and procedures
  • Continue to work on bringing Fedora community resources closer together and to assist Red Hat in bringing previously-closed resources out into the community's hands
  • Work to optimize existing infrastructure to ease the burden of trivial tasks for FAmSCo and Ambassadors
  • Develop additional marketing resources for use by Ambassadors and other Fedora contributors
  • Review and improve upon existing marketing resources

RobertWhetsel (rwhetsel)

  • Candidate statement

- Currently member of FAmSCo, running for re-election

  • Contributor profile

- Founder of the Open Business Foundation

- Member of Ambassadors and the first Global Ambassador

- Currently a leader in the business community promoting Open Source Alternatives

- 55,000 users migrated to a Linux in 2005-present

- Gave numerous Interviews to reporters for published articles about Fedora and Open Source

- Gave Fedora and Open Source lectures and presentations to business, colleges and organizations

- Participant in FUDCon Boston 2006

  • Future plans

- Promote One New User per Member Initiative

- Promote MiniFUDs at Hood College and Frederick Community College

- Continue providing lectures and presentations to business, colleges and organizations

- Continue providing guidance to the Ambassadors, the Fedora and Open Source Community as a mentor

- Continue participating Fedora Events as needed

Rodrigo Padula (RodrigoPadula)

  • Candidate statement
  • Currently Ambassadors , I submit my self-nomination to the FAmSCo.
  • Contributor profile
  • Member of Fedora Ambassadors , Fedora Marketing , Fedora Translation , Fedora Free Media
  • Leader of Brazilian Fedora Project [1]
  • Brazilian Fedora Ambassador
  • Presented many lectures in Brazilian events (ENSOL, FISL 7)
  • Represent Fedora Project at UFRJ - Federal University of Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
  • Future plans
  • Present Lectures, .
  • Distribute CDS/DVDs.
  • Help to create Fedora Users Groups
  • Spread Fedora in South America
  • Participate and organize events.
  • Recrute new collaborators and Ambassadors.
  • Create Brazilian Fedora Education to work for the digital inclusion.

Thomas Chung (tchung)

  • Candidate statement
  • Currently member of FAmSCo, running for re-election
  • Future plans
  • Continue providing leadership and guidance to Ambassadors
  • Continue providing services to Fedora Community via News Reports and Free Media
  • Continue participating local Fedora Events