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This is not the Ambassadors Join Start Page, go there first!
Requires CLA+1 status to complete
To edit the wiki, you now have to have CLA+1 status (which means you belong to another group in FAS than the CLA-related groups). If you are unable to edit the wiki, skip this step and work with your mentor on a temporary workaround. When you are able, you need to have a biography on your user page.

Creating your user page lets you introduce yourself to the Fedora community. These pages let you collect useful information, like your email, your real name, or your IRC nick, in a public place so that others may contact you. You may also put helpful links, code snippets, or anything else that you want to share. Your user page is your own space, so feel free to make it look as you wish. Here's what you'll need to do to create your user page:

  1. Go to your user page.
  2. Click create, at the top, to start editing your user page. If you've already created a user page, click edit.
  3. Write your introduction in the textbox. Your introduction can contain whatever you'd like, but please write in English.
  4. When you're finished writing, click Save page

Here's some ideas on what you can include in your introduction:

  • Email address
  • Homepage or blog
  • IRC channels you're typically in
  • What you do, or would like to do, in the Fedora Project

While a wiki user page can be created with just plain text, you'll likely want to add some headings, bold text, or a picture. These can all be added using markup. Every page on this wiki is made of this markup, so you can use any of them as an example. You may also consider visiting Help:Editing to read a more thorough guide on how to construct pages.

If you're interested in examples, this user page template provides a basic layout that you can copy. You can also look at the markup for other users' pages. Here's a selection of some that have stood out: