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  • <dlehman> the one thing I wanted to add is a way to say "yes, I know this is a swap device, but don't put it in /etc/fstab"
    • This is for the dual/multi-boot case, multiple OS on the same storage system
    • You don't want the new OS to use some pre-existing OS's swap
    • We don't always know which OS the pre-existing swap belongs to
    • Scenario: Dual boot with RHEL 6 and Fedora 15. You want to wipe Fedora 15 and install Fedora 16 fresh. You'll have RHEL 6's swap there and you don't want to delete it, you want to delete Fedora 15's swap.
      • Consequence of deleting RHEL 6's swap: it may not boot. You may have to boot a live disk to recover it - recreating the swap space for it. However, if Anaconda ate that space for your new F16 install, you may not have space left to recreate your swap with. :(
  • How to pop up box to enter in LUKS passphrase