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Beta Release Requirements

  • All Fedora 17 Alpha Release Criteria must be met 
  • All bugs blocking the Beta tracker must be CLOSED
  • The images must not be over 4G in size, uncompressed.
  • When booting a system installed without a graphical environment, or when using a correct configuration setting to cause an installed system to boot in non-graphical mode, the system should provide a working login prompt without any unintended user   intervention  when boot is complete, and all virtual consoles intended to provide a  working login prompt should do so, except for a character-mode firstboot if provided.
  • In most cases, the installed system must be able to play back sound with gstreamer-based applications (see Blocker_Bug_FAQ), if supported audio output devices are present.
  • No part of any release-blocking desktop's panel (or equivalent) configuration should crash or be entirely non-functional on boot of the installed system using default installation choices 
  • Automatic mounting on insertion of removable media must work in release-blocking desktops 
  • The default update manager in release-blocking desktops must  periodically check for updates when  running on an installed system 
  • All release-blocking desktops' offered mechanisms (if any) for shutting down, logging out and rebooting must work.

Beta Blocker Bugs 

  • A bug is considered a Beta blocker bug if any of the following criteria are met: 
  • A bug in a Critical Path package that:  
    • Cannot be fixed with a future stable update 
    • Has a severity rating of high or greater and no reasonable workaround (see definition of severity and priority) 
  • Bug hinders execution of required Beta test plans or dramatically reduces test coverage 
  • Bug relates to an unmet Beta Release Requirement
  • A Fedora feature  being incomplete, in and of itself, does not constitute a blocker bug.  The feature process is separate from this process. Features are required  to meet certain standards at certain points of the release cycle, but this is part of the feature process and managed, tracked and enforced separately from this process. However, if a proposed feature being incomplete causes any of the above criteria to be met, then the bug is a release blocker. 

Beta Contingency Plan 

  • If all of the Beta Release Requirements are not met by 20:00 UTC on Wednesday the week prior to release day, the release will  be delayed by one week so that the Beta Release Requirements can be met.  
  • One week will be added to all remaining tasks in the release schedule, including the final release date. 
  • This  decision will be made at the Go/No-Go Meeting. 

Confirming Beta Requirements 

The Fedora-ARM group has the responsibility of determining whether the criteria for the  release has been met (as outlined above) through discussion with  Development and Release Engineering.  QA's findings will be reviewed and  discussed at the Go/No-Go Meeting.

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