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Sharing Your Desktop

Use this capability carefully
Remote desktop sharing can be a serious security risk. It should be turned on only when needed and not left active.

Fedora provides a means to share a user's desktop remotely across the network. This is useful for receiving technical support from a remote location or for demonstrating a desktop feature to another user. You may also find it a useful way to remotely access the files on your desktop from another computer.

To activate desktop sharing, select System > Preferences > Remote Desktop from the user menu. This opens the Remote Desktop Preferences window:

File:Docs DesktopUserGuide SharingDesktop remdesktopshare.png

This procedure describes the most secure method to share a desktop.

  1. Under Sharing, check the box Allow other users to view your desktop.
  2. Next, check Allow other users to control your desktop.
  3. Make a note of the command listed under Users can view your desktop using this command:
  4. Under Security, check the box Ask you for confirmation.
  5. Next, check Require the user to enter this password and enter a password.
  6. Finally, click on the Close button.

Be sure to inform the person performing remote technical support/viewing the command from step three, as well as the assigned password. When the person connects to your desktop, click on the Yes button when asked for confirmation.

Once the remote viewing feature is no longer needed, turn off desktop sharing:

  1. Select System > Preferences > Remote Desktop
  2. Uncheck the Allow other users to view your desktop box
  3. Click on the Close button.

This turns off the remote desktop sharing feature.

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