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FUDConDelhi 2006 Speakers

Greg deKoenigsberg

GregDeKoenigsberg joined Red Hat in 2001 as an engineering manager for Red Hat Network. He has been working full-time with the Fedora community since 2004. In that time he has organized several FUDCons, led the Fedora Extras project, and established the Fedora Ambassadors and Fedora Live CD projects. He is currently the community relations manager for Red Hat.

Chris Blizzard

ChristopherBlizzard has been a long-time contributor to open source software. He has contributed to GNOME and Mozilla since their inception in the late 1990s and has worked at Red Hat since 1998. He's currently a board member of the Mozilla Corporation, an organization founded to promote and develop the Firefox web browser, and manages the desktop group at Red Hat.

Satish Mohan

SatishMohan has been associated with various open source initiatives for quite a while. He currently works for Red Hat as the Head of Engineering, India. His focus is on enabling more and more desktop peripherals and localization, which can increase the linux desktop usage. He is a member of Open Source Development Labs (OSDL) Desktop Linux Initiative Team that supports open source development worldwide by lending their expertise to a wide range of desktop projects, providing analysis and recommendations throughout the development cycle. Satish is also a mentor for usability, desktop and localisation areas on Fedora project.

Colin Charles

ColinCharles is a consultant, author, and student who's involved in the and Fedora projects. He now works for MySQL AB as a Community Engineer. He has an affinity for Fedora/ppc. Besides tinkering with computers and other electronic gadgets, he has interests in bowling, cycling, chilling out and watching movies.

Kishore Bhargava


Ramakrishna Reddy

RamakrishnaReddy, is currently an QA Engineer with Red Hat - India. He was an Independent Consultant, consulting in the Natural Language Processing, Machine Translation, Indic Text processing. He is a Free Software, Agile, eXtreme progamming evangelist and is involved with The IndLinux project . His interests lie in Open Source Scripting languages, Web Application development, functional Programming and Databases.

Rahul Sundaram

RahulSundaram is a self elected Fedora project noisemaker cautiously sponsored by Red Hat. Fedora journal online magazine initiator and editor in chief . Fedora Ambassadors steering committee member and Fedora Ambassador for India. Editor for Fedora weekly reports. Fedora Websites, Documentation and Bug Triaging projects volunteer and miscellaneous few grunt work in the Fedora Project. Linux Documentation Project volunteer

Ankit Patel

AnkitPatel is Language Maintainer, Gujarati at Red Hat. He is working with several localization projects including Fedora, GNOME, Xfce,, and Mozilla and co-ordinating the project He is also contributing in application developement of Fedora & Gnome. Before joining Red Hat, he used to work with the the open source Gujarati l10n team (

Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay

SankarshanMukhopadhyay has been doing FLOSS for quite a while now. He meddles about as Marketing Contact (India) for as well as GNOME (Marketing) and is a Mentor (User Experience and Usability) in the Fedora Project. He is also involved in Firefox and Thunderbird localisation for bn_IN. He works at Red Hat and can be reached at