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FUDCon KL 2012 Todo List


We will be having physical meetings every 2 weeks, and will be having it every week nearing the event. We will also be having IRC meeting at #fudcon-planning on thurday every week, ad 10:00pm MYT. If you are a volunteer, please do your best to attend each meeting. We need as much help as possible and we have limited budget, so we will wipe out freeloaders.

Volunteers are entitled with priority on swags and tshirt. So, please make yourselves useful :)

Schedule and Datelines

Dateline Description People responsible Notes
6th March 2012, 6:30pm @ APIIT 1st physical meeting with volunteers Izhar & MavJS to organize, everyone else to attend
20th March 2012 Venue confirmation dateline
20th March 2012, 6:30pm Physical meeting Everyone
20th March 2012 Website should be up by now
24th March 2012 Tshirt and swags design dateline. Design need to be done by this date for sending for production
27th March 2012 Press release dateline. Press release writeup should be done by now for submission to newspapers
3rd April 2012, 6:30pm Physical meeting Everyone
14th April 2012 FOODCon venue and plan confirmation dateline Jipang_menjerit/Luf_kin
17th April 2012, 6:30pm Physical meeting Everyone
24th April 2012, 6:30pm Physical meeting Everyone
28th April 2012 Banner design dateline. Banners should be submitted for printing soon after this date
1st May 2012, 6:30pm Physical meeting Everyone
8th May 2012 Swags/Tshirt/Banner delivery dateline Setting this early to reduce stress :)
8th May 2012, 6:30pm Physical meeting Everyone
8th May 2012 Guidebook design dateline. Guidebook will be printed afterwards
15th May 2012, 6:30pm Physical meeting Everyone
17th May 2012 Prep night. Check logistics are functioning. Briefings Everyone
18-20th May 2012 Event starts!!!! Everyone!!!
22th May 2012 Debriefing Everyone

Important Tickets

Meeting Agendas

6th March 2012

  • Introduce volunteers
  • Assign volunteers to primary groups
    • Logistics
      • Ushers
      • Tech support
    • Promotion, Publication & Sponsorship
      • Press release
      • Designs
      • Social media promotion
      • Liason with Fedora Design Team
      • Notify potential sponsors about sponsorship packages (especially for T-Shirts)
    • Food & Beverages
      • FOODCon
    • Hospitality
      • Deal with international attendees related matters
      • Attendee pickups
    • Emergency response
      • Medical
  • Some requirements volunteers must follow - to be mentioned by Maverick
  • Work out a clear initial todo list


  • 40 mins per talk
    • volunteers
      • logistics
        • Gurdip (lead)
        • TYSeries (assistant)
        • Khoo
        • Patrick
        • Low
        • James
        • Jaya
      • promo
        • Jipang (lead)
        • Adam
        • Yogi
        • Dean
        • Cassandra
        • Wailynn
        • Candy
        • Justin
      • Food & Beverages
        • Hanif
        • Eric (lead)
        • ALmol
        • Siddiq
        • Avif
        • Vicent
        • Meng
        • Kulll
      • Coordinators
        • KageSenshi
        • Maverick
  • Things to lookout for
    • FNB
      • find 2 or 3 fast food vendor
      • FUD BBQ (Budget: 3750MYR / 1300USD)
      • Budgeting for food/equipment
    • Promo
      • press release
      • Get the guidebook handout done
      • promotional flyers - get help from design team if needed

8th March 2012 (IRC Meeting, #fudcon-planning)

  • Confirmation of hotel and meeting room capability
  • Immediate list of to-do's
  • Decide when to open up, and close, subsidy requests, and have some agreement on how those requests will be processed
  • Beginning of ticket creation/processing in Trac for important actions to track as we plan the event
  • Logo discussion : sketch 1 - Design Team #220

13th March 2012 (IRC Meeting, #fedora-my)


  • Invitation to attendees (will need help from RH Malaysia)
  • Promotion status
    • Promo team, please update on what things you've done, and what

you are planning to do

15th March 2012 (IRC Meeting, #fudcon-planning)

20th March 2012 (Physical Meeting, APIIT)

22nd March 2012 (IRC Meeting, #fudcon-planning)

27th March 2012 (IRC Meeting, #fedora-my)

29th March 2012 (IRC Meeting, #fudcon-planning)

3rd April 2012 (Physical Meeting, APIIT)

5th April 2012 (IRC Meeting, #fudcon-planning)

10th April 2012 (IRC Meeting, #fedora-my)

12th April 2012 (IRC Meeting, #fudcon-planing)

17th April 2012 (Physical Meeting, APIIT)

19th April 2012 (IRC Meeting, #fudcon-planing)

24 April 2012 (IRC Meeting, #fedora-my)

26 April 2012 (IRC Meeting, #fudcon-planning)

30 April 2012 (Physical Meeting, UCTI)

03 May 2012 (IRC Meeting, #fudcon-planning)

08 May 2012 (Physical Meeting, UCTI)

10 May 2012 (IRC Meeting, #fudcon-planning)

Promotion, Publication & Design Team

Call for Participation



Call for Participation for FUDCon APAC : KL 2012
Location: UCTI-APIIT, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur
Date: 18-20th May 2012

FUDCon is the Fedora Users and Developers Conference[1], a major free software
event held in various regions around the world, usually annually per region by
the Fedora Project[2], a GNU/Linux distribution community.

FUDCon is a combination of sessions, talks, workshops, and hackfests in which
 contributors work on specific initiatives. Topics include infrastructure,
feature development, community building, general management and governance,
marketing, testing and QA, packaging, etc.

This year, Malaysia[3] has been given the honour of hosting this premier event for the
Asia Pacific region and we are inviting everyone, developers and users alike,
to participate in this event which will be a span of 3 days, at The Asia
Pacific University College of Technology and Innovation (UCTI-APIIT), Technology Park Malaysia
Bukit Jalil[4].

The event will consist of 2 days of free flowing barcamp[5] format event, which
will host sessions such as hackfests, workshops, discussions and talks, with
a 3 track conference happening on the 19th of May.

Admission is FREE and open to all, and if you have a session to share, please
submit them to us at our wiki[6] or email to Talks
submitted before 28th April 2012 may stand a chance of being listed in the 3 tracks
conference, while the rest of the sessions will be saved for the barcamp days.

Sessions may consist of any topics which relates to Fedora and Free Software /
Open Source (FOSS) such as:

* IT Infrastructure
* Cloud computing
* Software development
* Content, artworks and media creation and publishing
* Community building
* Marketing and spreading FOSS/Fedora 
* FOSS/Fedora in education
* FOSS/Fedora in business
* General FOSS topics
* FOSS/Fedora workshops and hackfests.

All sessions are expected to be related to FOSS and are to be presented on
Fedora, and using examples which works on Fedora.

Remember to register[7] yourself if you are attending, as to keep cost 
predictable, our freebies are limited and priority is given to those
who register and attend early!!. So register NOW to avoid dissappointment!.

For more information and announcements, subscribe and contact us on our 
mailing list[8] or follow the Fedora Malaysia page[9] on Google+.

Looking forward to your submissions and attendance in the event!!!

Thank you


FUDCon guidebook handout

Things to be inside:

  • Event map
  • Location bio
  • Food places
  • Schedule
  • Foreword from team
  • Contact info
    • Organizers
    • Emergency contacts
  • Guide to activate daily internet for local 3G providers
  • Guide to find free wifi
  • Sponsors

Travel Kit

Will be a PDF with information useful for foreign attendees. To be sent to attendees latest 1.5 week before event

  • How to get to venue from airport
  • How to get to hotel from airport
  • Useful contact numbers
    • Taxi
    • Emergency numbers
    • Organizer numbers
  • City guide
  • Things to do once reached Malaysia

Promotional flyers

HiTB have a great example.

Things to be on the flyers:

  • Keynote talks
  • Talk highlights
  • Schedule
  • Information on how to register.
  • Pitch to get people submitting sessions

Press Release

We need a press release to submit to local newspapers.

<writeup here>

Sponsorship Packages

We only accept in-kind sponsorship. If there are people who are interested to sponsor, here are the things that would be helpful if we get sponsorship:

  • Extra T-Shirts - bundle of 10 - each sponsor will get a mention+logo in the guidebook



  • "Powered by Fedora" sticker
  • "Genuine Fedora Software" sticker :P

Logistics Team


  • Audio system
  • Projector for each rooms
  • Walkie Talkies
  • Devices with 720p video recording - for recording the sessions [Note]: might want to ask UCTI Spotlight
  • whiteboard markers/erasers (should leave an estimated amount of funds/ask APIIT to provide?)
  • Board for the barcamp schedules
  • Get invoice for hotel - wait first?

Hotel Pricing Info

  • Superior/Standard room: either (1 x king size) or (2 x single) beds. 202.00MYR/67.00USD. Accommodates a maximum of 2 adults.
  • Family Suite
    • Family Standard room: (1 x king) + (1 x single) bed. 270.00MYR/90.00USD. Accommodates a maximum of 3 adults. Can have only 1 extra bed.
    • Family Superior room: (1 x king) + (2 x single) bed. 315.00MYR/105.00USD. Accommodates a maximum of 4 adults. Can have only 1 extra bed.
    • Family Deluxe room: two separate bedrooms. (1 x king) + (2 x single) beds. 340.00MYR/113.00USD. Accommodates a maximum of 4 adults. Can have 2 more extra bed.
  • Notes
    • Pricing is per night (+/-) inclusive of taxes & fees.
    • All pricing include breakfast.
    • We can have extra beds for 53MYR/17.61USD with breakfast.
    • wi-fi is provided with no extra charges.
    • The hotel doesn't give discount unless we're taking 30 and above rooms.
    • Should make a move on booking the rooms, between this month and middle of next month, as they may become unavailable since other events from the ministries are happening during April/May.

Hospitality, Food & Beverages Team


  • Find venue for FUDPub BBQ
    • Budget for food and rental of equipments or find catering for the BBQ.
  • Get invoice & menu for FnB
  • Contact fastfood providers who might want to open booth during the event
  • Food trips for friday night


Room Seats
Auditorium 3 204
Auditorium 2 178
L3-1 79
L3-2 81
L2-1 47
L2-2 41
L2-3 53
L2-4 56
L2-5 53
L2-6 54
L2-7 80
L2-8 18
L2-9 20
L2-10 61
L2-11 32
L2-12 36

Todo List based on individual

Feel free to use this section to keep track of your todos. The will help the coordinators in keeping tracks things are being worked on.

For: Maverick

  • get confirmation of exact location before every meeting
  • get technical staffs' mailing list for event announcements
  • get UCTI student mailing list for event promotion
  • get contact for marketing department from APIIT for event promotion
  • get ahold of UCTI Facebook/UCTI FOSS page owner
  • get more volunteers (considered done)
    • [Note: too many volunteers]
      • get ~1-2 rep from Student ARC
      • try recruiting from Software Architect SIG

For: KageSenshi

For: jipang_menjerit

  • finalize for design templates by this end of March for:
    • logo
    • t-shirt
    • booklets
    • etc
  • provide content for booklets, invitation, press release
  • get some media attention:
    • Bloggers - Amanz probably can be our partner
    • TV - TV9, TV3, Awani
    • Newspaper & Mag
  • deliver duties to the new-bloods (I am not a vampire)
  • get ahold of UCTI Facebook/UCTI FOSS page owner
  • get more volunteers
    • UTM lads
    • UiTM (probablylity luf_kin can help me out here, so di the promotion)