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This page is outdated and is only retained for historical reference

Important Packages that requires to be rebuilt after software translation period


* Ticket to FESCo:
* Action items:
* Tracker bug:


* Initially packagers will be send the reminders through Bugzilla comments
* FLP (Fedora Localization Project) Responsible person will contact the Package Owner or Packagers
  to remind them to rebuild their package. (In case of no signification action being taken after the 
  reminder through Bugzilla comments).

FLP Responsible Package Name Package Owner PackageDB URL Bugzilla Status
Noriko system-config-display ajax 522421 Closed
anaconda anaconda-maint, clumens 522411 Closed
sos astokes 522416 Closed?
rhpxl ajax (was clumens) 522426 WONTFIX
firstboot clumens 522419 Closed
python-meh clumens 522410 Closed
system-config-kickstart clumens 522420 Closed
pykickstart clumens 522454 Closed
desktop-backgrounds davidz 522409
policycoreutils dwalsh 522436 Closed
setroubleshoot dwalsh 522412 Closed
system-config-network harald 522449 Closed
system-config-boot harald 522455 Closed
readahead harald 522424 Closed
ABRT jmoskovc 522457 Closed
system-config-cluster jparsons 522438 WONTFIX
system-config-bind jreznik 522429 Closed
system-config-netboot jreznik 522413 Closed?
Runa comps katzj 522456 Closed, not built
system-config-rootpassword lkundrak 522432 Closed, built
system-config-keyboard lkundrak 522430 Closed, built
system-config-lvm marx 522448 Closed, built
setuptool mhlavink 522442 Closed, built
system-config-audit mitr 522439 Closed
usermode mitr 522447 Closed
libuser mitr 522417 Closed, built
smolt mmcgrath 522428 Assigned, Release planned this week
kexec-tools nhorman 522415 Assigned, built
chkconfig notting 522422 Modified, built
initscripts notting 522453 Modified, built
hwbrowser nphilipp 522440 Closed, built
system-config-nfs nphilipp 522414 Closed, no new translations
system-config-users nphilipp 522418 Closed, built
system-config-date nphilipp 522446 Closed, built
system-config-samba nphilipp 522425 Closed, built
system-config-services nphilipp 522441 Closed, built
multimedia-menus oget 522443 Assigned, built
Ankit desktop-effects otaylor 522433 Closed, Built
system-config-httpd pknirsch 522452
system-config-language pravins 522434
system-config-kdump rrakus 522435 Closed, WONTFIX
redhat-menus rstrode 522427 Closed
im-chooser tagoh 522437 Closed, Built
switchdesk than 522423
system-switch-mail than 522408
authconfig tmraz 522444 Closed, Built
system-config-printer twaugh 522451 Closed, Built
system-config-firewall twoerner 522450 Assigned, In Progress