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herlo josephscott: so let's go through the list of items on that page just to make sure we don't miss anythign and you can quickly give your take on each. Sound good? 16:10
herlo josephscott is a WordPress developer and works for automattic 16:10
herlo josephscott: Good security record 16:10
herlo could you speak to that over maybe the last year or so? 16:10
josephscott Most of the security issues in regards to WP have stemmed from plugins 16:11
josephscott core WP has been pretty good about that 16:11
josephscott steps have been taken to help make better security easier as well 16:12
herlo josephscott: wrt plugins, what kind of security features do you have to prevent people from doing stupid things? 16:12
herlo Proactive, security minded developer community <-- I think this speaks to the viability of WordPress some, right? 16:12
josephscott that's part of the beast for PHP apps, plugins run with the same abilities as everything else 16:12
herlo right 16:13
josephscott anyone can (and has :-) ) contact which is watched by the core WP devs 16:13
herlo Highly responsive, especially to security issues <-- do you guys have a track record somewhere we can look at for this? 16:14
josephscott I've found them to responsive to issues brought up 16:14
herlo quaid: you around? 16:14
josephscott hmmm, not sure that we have a specific spot were just the details are 16:14
herlo L10n that doesn't break the translator workflow <-- I'm not completely clear on this one, so I'll say what I know and give you a chance to 16:14
herlo josephscott: so the translation practice is to take the english versions when they are near final and convert them to other languages, how 16:16
would that sort of workflow be handled in wordpress? We were discussing wordpress-mu btw at points so if that helps...
josephscott you could look at for example of how that could potentially end up. Say compared to 16:18
josephscott that's done based on the language setting of individual blogs 16:19
herlo Output for Transifex (PO/POT) <-- I was thinking maybe a plugin that converts the document to the right format wouldn't be too hard, just time consuming, thoughts? 16:19
herlo josephscott: ^^ 16:19
josephscott the trend seems to be more towards having different URLs for different languages, compares to 16:21
herlo Content workflow (write <=> edit => publish) 16:21
josephscott contributor role in WP can do that 16:22
josephscott although it depends on who would be in each group 16:22
josephscott contributor is geared for submissions that would be reviewed/approved/edited by an editor user 16:23
herlo Content expiration (automatic) 16:24
herlo you mentioned this one, but wanna restate here? 16:24
josephscott herlo: I haven't seen anyone doing that in WP, would be a good candidate for a plugin (there might already be one, don't know) 16:25
herlo josephscott: I skipped a few features but what about this one: Be a CMS as a core function, not an add-on 16:26
ianweller Sparks: tickets are good. i guess something like would be nice/interesting/whatever 16:26
ianweller s/czar// if you wish :P 16:26
herlo some people argued that WP is not a CMS, but I've seen more and more development toward it 16:26
ianweller herlo: it manages content, therefore is a CMS 16:26
ianweller herlo: :) 16:26
josephscott that mostly depends on who you ask and what they consider a CMS to be 16:26
herlo ianweller: no argument... 16:27
herlo josephscott: Must not lock us in. Data should be portable to another CMS. 16:27
josephscott we've certainly been seeing more and more sites use it as a traditional CMS instead of specifically for blogs 16:27
josephscott WXR (the WordPress export format) is RSS + extensions 16:28
herlo how does that work? 16:28
herlo is it simple to export? 16:28
josephscott Tools -> Export in wp-admin 16:29
herlo sweet, I'm gonna try that 16:30
herlo josephscott: so on to wanted features over required 16:30
herlo Easy to organize content by taxonomy, structured and ad hoc 16:30
josephscott WP supports both categories (with hierarchy) and tags 16:31
herlo Good federation tools to make it easy to find disparate content through one UI 16:31
josephscott not sure what they mean by that 16:31
herlo me neither, was hoping you might have a nice quip 16:32
herlo :) 16:32
herlo moving on 16:32
herlo Have support for DocBook 16:32
* herlo guesses plugin, but who knows... 16:32
josephscott for exporting data to docbook? importing data from docbook? 16:34
Sparks josephscott: yes 16:34
herlo Sparks: nice 16:34
herlo josephscott: in both cases 16:34
josephscott it looks like there are folks who've done it: 16:35
herlo sweet! 16:35
* herlo will review that site too 16:35
herlo josephscott: thanks for your time, anything else you'd like to contribute before heading out 16:36
josephscott If it's mostly import/export then you'll probably end up writing a tool/plugin to take care of that 16:36
josephscott pick specific processes that you can break down into simple tasks and try it out 16:37
herlo thanksD josephscott 16:38
josephscott np 16:38
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