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DNA Theme

DNA Theme

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c6re Theme

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DNA Theme & DNA Wallpaper - MairinDuffy and seawolf


Fedora Bowl IfeomaOnuorah & AndyFitz


Splash Image - Mola Pahnadayan


Fedora Graffiti (various other images too) - MairinDuffy



These are some designs I put together for a series of posters I'm painting. Maybe they'd help spark an idea for the FC6 theming. They're based off of the 3 Fedora logo components as outlined in Red Hat Magazine's December 2005 article on the Fedora Logo .

Infinity - Progress - Technology - Evolution

Sort of like DNA... you know... :)

[[Image:Artwork_FC6ThemeSubmissions_fc6-theme-idea-duffy-infinity.png] [[Image:Artwork_FC6ThemeSubmissions_fc6-theme-idea-duffy-infinity.svg]

Voice - Community - Communication

People communicating - pretty simple conceptually

[[Image:Artwork_FC6ThemeSubmissions_fc6-theme-idea-duffy-voice.png] [[Image:Artwork_FC6ThemeSubmissions_fc6-theme-idea-duffy-voice.svg]

Freedom - Open Source

Breaking chains - needs a bit of help on the rendering side...

[[Image:Artwork_FC6ThemeSubmissions_fc6-theme-idea-duffy-freedom-1.png] [[Image:Artwork_FC6ThemeSubmissions_fc6-theme-idea-duffy-freedom-2.png] [[Image:Artwork_FC6ThemeSubmissions_fc6-theme-idea-duffy-freedom.svg]