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The Nodoka Theme

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News: creating new notification theme


  • Create a complete set of fedora theme (excluding wallpaper, which is release dependent) that would look consistent throughout whole desktop and would include echo icon set
  • Create a theme that is nice, not attracting too much attention to itself, rather calms than enrages, and that is focused on usability as well
  • Use classical fedora blue as an basic color, build the theme around it, but not "overblueize" it
  • Make use of soft gradients, not make too hard color transitions




NEW UPSTREAM: I moved upstream to hosted and you can download the tarballs from there.

Current GTK+ engine version: 0.6

Current Metacity theme version: 0.3.2

Current metatheme version: 0.3.2

(change between and 0.3.1): I merged the gtk theme with the engine, metacity and metatheme are in separate package. I strongly recommend to completely reinstall the packages if you use any previous versions.

Nodoka theme engine, plus default GTK+ theme

WARNING: the rawhide version does not work Fedora 7's GTK2. You'll either need to update gtk2 to rawhide version or rebuild the gtk-nodoka-engine package.

yum --enablerepo=development install gtk-nodoka-engine

or, if you already have it installed,

yum --enablerepo=development update gtk-nodoka-engine
  • note that the rpms are late (usually day or two) after sources release due to the update process
  • if you are anxious to get the newest rpms you can find them in koji


Metacity theme

yum --enablerepo=development install nodoka-metacity-theme

or, if you already have it installed,

yum --enablerepo=development update nodoka-metacity-theme

Gnome MetaTheme

yum --enablerepo=development install nodoka-theme-gnome

or, if you already have it installed,

yum --enablerepo=development update nodoka-theme-gnome


Older Releases

Nodoka Gtk Engine
















File:Artwork NodokaTheme gtk-nodoka-engine- 64.rpm

Nodoka Engine, initial release (0.1): rpm

Nodoka Engine, initial release (0.1): source rpm

Nodoka theme engine, initial release (0.1): tarball

Nodoka Theme

Nodoka Theme,, noarch.rpm

Nodoka Theme,, src.rpm

Updated gtkrc utilizing Nodoka theme engine

Nodoka Window Decoration for KDE



MartinSourada, DanielGeiger, LaithJuwaidah

How it currently looks



MartinSourada/NodokaDraft - Original mockup page, MartinSourada's Nodoka page

DanielGeiger/F8ThemeNodoka - DanielGeiger's Nodoka page

Fedora forum discussion


Feel free to add your comments/requests/sugestions etc. here.

I noticed that the button part of the disabled GtkCombo in the Widget Factory is displayed as enabled for all themes -- probably not something to worry too much about. -DanielGeiger

  • Probably nothing to worry about. I think it's a GTK bug (or feature? *confused*) as the button is also clickable... -MartinSourada

Is anybody working on making tooltips yellow again as in Fedora 7 and older? In Fedora 8 development, gray tooltips on gray windows are less visible. -MichaelSchwendt

  • AFAIK tooltips coloring is defined in gtkrc file, in Nodoka we have them yellow like in Fedora 7. Did you tried Nodoka on Fedora 8? -MartinSourada
  • My fault. Just tried it in Test 1 live CD and some of the tooltips are indeed grey. It's caused due to new widget type which needs to be handled in the gtkrc file. In Fedora 7 gtk-tooltips widget take care of all tooltips, however in Fedora 8 gtk-tooltip is needed as well. I'll fix this in the 0.6 version at the latest. -MartinSourada