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AskFedora: AutoResponse

Users will receive following auto-response from fedora-news-list when an email sent to

Thank you for your submission to the Ask Fedora column.  Due to
limited resources, we focus on questions that are of general interest to Fedora users.  We try to answer all questions within scope.

For general help, please consider one of the high quality
community Fedora resources such as a forum, mailing list or IRC channel.

You can post for help on Fedora at the officially endorsed forums:

You can join a general purpose Fedora mailing list for help and troubleshooting.  Refer here for more information:

You can also find live user help via IRC (Internet Relay Chat).  Visit this page for more information on using IRC for Fedora help:

If none of these options meet your needs, refer to this page for other options: