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This page should help package maintainers to deal with Automatic Bug Reporting Tool (ABRT). The package maintainers should find here what ABRT is, how to analyze problem reports, how to get more problem details or how to deal with Fedora Analysis Framework (FAF) reports.


ABRT detects problems on user machines, brings the detected problems to users attention and allows users to easily create valuable problem reports in Red Hat Bugzilla. Besides that ABRT is capable of posting anonymous problem reports (microreport) to FAF and it can be configured to do so upon problem detection without user interaction.

ABRT Bugzillas

ABRT creates Bugzilla reports against the crashed program and not against the library providing the function on top of stack.

Every Bugzilla bug created by ABRT should contain 'abrt_hash' in Whiteboard. This field is used by ABRT when searching for duplicates. If you need a new Bugzilla bug with another backtrace for a particular crash, just remove the 'abrt_hash' item from Whiteboard.

If you switch Component of a Bugzilla bug, you might receive a new bug report for the same crash, because ABRT searches for duplicates only among Bugzilla bugs against the suspect component.

FAF Reports

FAF has been created to maintain a database of crashes that can be used to identify cross component problems (e.g. bugs in common libraries) based on backtrace similarity. Another purpose of FAF is to provide package maintainers with crash statistics to help them to prioritize their work and identify potential root cause.

FAF creates Report for every received backtrace. Reports are grouped into Problem based on edit distance of backtraces.

FAF Report can be linked with Red Hat Bugzilla bug. ABRT automatically associates Reports with Bugzillas, if the reporter created Bugzilla bug report. If a report misses the link to Bugzilla but you know there is a Bugzilla bug for the report, you can associate the report with the Bugzilla bug. However, only the package maintainer, Proven packagers, and Proven tester can do so and this feature is available only after log in.

Logged package maintainers can see contact e-mails and comments on the report page if there are any. This information might help maintainers to deal with reports that are not linked with any Bugzilla bug.

How can I close FAF report?

Associate the report with a Bugzilla bug and close the Bugzilla bug.

How can I change component of FAF report?

Associate the report with a Bugzilla bug and change Component of the Bugzilla bug.