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BalCCon 2k15

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BalCCon - Balkan Computer Congress is an international hacker conference organized by LUGoNS – Linux Users Group of Novi Sad and Wau Holland Foundation from Hamburg and Berlin. It is the third conference taking place on the Balkans. BalCCon brings together hackers, hacktivists and computer enthusiasts from this area and they are joined by fellow hackers from all over the world. This event emphasizes the role of hacking as a means of peaceful cooperation and international understanding. The program consist of numerous presentations, workshops and lectures about information, privacy, technology, programming, free software and socio-political issues. One part of the congress will be dedicated to hacking, project and hacks.

CfP note: This event favours hacks, hacktivism, gadgets programming, free software on new devices, freedom, ... It feels like there are no introduction/beginner talks (unless it is hot new topic). "We're looking for fresh content in the areas of information security, hardware hacking, biohacking, sustainability, maker culture, net politics and the intersection of technology and society in general."

Website: BalCCon 2k15

When and Where


The Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina (map)

Dunavska 37

21000 Novi Sad



11-13 September 2015.

Important Deadlines

01. July 2015. CfP deadline, make sure to get your talk and/or workshop registered.

Fedora presence

We will have a boot and a talk. We will give out installation media and swag. See the following table for more information:

Name Description Type (talk/workshop) Owner
Touchless Control in Our World Myo and Leap Motion robotic and general usage Talk Onuralp SEZER - Serdar Habib AYÇİCEK

Fedora Project Attendees

Booth Personnel

Name Setup Friday Saturday Sunday Clean-up Comments
Medic Momcilo x x x x x Notebook, projector, 27" monitor, 24" TV/monitor
Onuralp SEZER x x x
Serdar Habib AYÇİCEK x x x
Gergely Rakosi x

Event Report

(Will be posted after the event)