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Next Meeting: Thursday, June 02, 2011 at 10:00 PM (GMT+06) in #fedora-bangladesh on
Announcement: Currently we are developing this wiki, so please DO NOT edit any thing in this page.

Fedora Bangladeshi Team

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Welcome to our Bangladeshi Fedora community.

This is the wiki home page of the Fedora Bangladeshi Team. Fedora Bangladeshi team is the local community of Bangladeshi Fedora users and developers. We aim to provide free community support to users of the various spins of Fedora as well as advocating the use of Fedora to individuals and organizations alike. We keep in touch via our mailing list and IRC chatroom. This group is for anyone in Bangladesh (but we welcome Non-Resident Bangladeshis too) who uses or is interested in some spin of Fedora, whether it's Fedora, Fedora Electronic Lab or any others. This group is for the people of all technical abilities from I've-never-heard-of-linux all the way to I'm-a-Fedora-Guru.

Please always check this wiki page and our website for the latest news on Fedora Bangladesh Community.

Learn More About Us


Use the channel #fedora-bangladesh on or Webchat in your browser and say us hi! If you prefer to use a chat program then you can use XChat, Pidgin or Empathy. Full details can be found at IRC.

Mailing List

The Fedora Bangladesh Mailing List is a place to seek support and for general discussion on community related matters.

Web Groups

Team Contact

The current team contacts of Bangladeshi Fedora Communities are:

For contact details of other relevant team personnel please see the Contact Us page.


See the Join Us page if you are interested in joining our team. The Members List has a list of all current members and what division of Bangladesh they reside in.


To get involved and see what is currently going on within the team check out our projects page for details.