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Echo : Loading Icon

The loading cursor is a kind of key art of Echo, seen by everyone quite a lot of the time. I thought it would be one to pick up on with the rest of the set.

First Idea: Nuclear

[[Image:BenArnold_EchoLoading_|| [[Image:BenArnold_EchoLoading_Nuclear2.gif] || [[Image:BenArnold_EchoLoading_Nuclear1.gif] || [[Image:BenArnold_EchoLoading_NuclearPage.jpg] ||

The nuclear style balls spin around the bottom of the cursor.
As shown in the paper design below, the top-left would obfuscate the arrow as would the top-right.
It would be far better to have a single or double spinner, as shown at the bottom.

Please contact the fedora-art-list for development.