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Bhasker C V

About me

I am a linux user for the past 10 years starting from RH5.2. Linux has come a long way. The installer in RH5.2 had lots of issues installing on a custom-made system and by seeing the completeness and expertness of the Fedora installer, it is overwhelming.

Contact me

Yahoo  : spssjpchat
skype  : spssjpchat
gtalk  : spssjpchat at unixindia dot com
IRC  : bhasker
Mail  : bhasker at unixindia dot com
Timezone : GMT/BST
Location : United Kingdom
Languages: English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu

Areas of Interest

 I am a fan of virtualization and consolidation. I have worked (at implementation level) on build clusters.
I work also on server consolidation using multi-machine cheap hardware by using kerrighed.

Find me

you can search me as 'Bhasker C V'
or as bhaslinux on google.


Experimenting on kerrighed and grub2