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Robert 'Bob' Jensen


Email: [[MailTo(bob AT SPAMFREE bobjensen DOT com)]

IRC Nicks: BobJensen, Bob-Laptop and S'tillBob

I was the Editor-In-Chief for the Fedora release notes .

Former Fedora Ambassador and Ambassadors Steering Committee member.

I hang out on freenode in #scaLUG-Hams, #Fedora, #Fedora-Docs, #Fedora-Hams, #Fedora-Mktg, #Fedora-Unity.

I am a founder of [1] . We are always looking for more contributors from all areas of the community.

Linux User Groups (LUGs) are a great way to learn about Linux. My LUG is scaLUG

I am a self trained technology consultant, I help small to medium sized businesses deal with everything from Web Hosting to Networking. My Business is "Complete Business Computer Consulting" .

My Presentation File:BobJensen lug-fc5-intro.odp