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Community coaching

this is a draft; when folks start committing to hours, and we can get whatever clearance we need to use whatever branding we need, we can go live.

If you've got a project you're trying to grow community around, we're happy to help. Our open office hours (both virtual and physical) are listed below. Coaching is first-come-first-serve and free as in both speech and beer. We don't charge anything, but all our conversations will be published online with a CC-BY license so that others can learn the things we learn from each other.

things not decided

  • channel. I put #communitycoaching for now since I'm not sure how/whether to brand it any other way.
  • prioritization limits - not sure if we need to put anything in place to make sure this doesn't distract us from other work we need to do. It seems like most of us are already doing community coaching to some outside projects anyway, because this knowledge is something Good that we should Share.
    • at least for me, saying "I've set aside N hours a week to be available for this" will help me redirect (come talk with us at this time and place) and/or say no (we're booked up now, but come back later) to conversations I currently get distracted by because I'm afraid of missing opportunities. Mel Chua 21:34, 26 July 2009 (UTC)
  • who else does this kind of thing - we're not the only people who know about building community, maybe other people from other projects would be interested in coaching too, or are already doing so.