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MinGW OpenSSL 3.x update


Update OpenSSL for MinGW to version 3.x


Current status

Detailed Description

mingw-openssl will be updated to version 3.x. The following dependencies will be rebuilt:

  • mingw-spice-gtk (will be updated to version 0.39)
  • mingw-spice-protocol (will be updated to 0.14.3)
  • mingw-qt6-qtbase
  • mingw-qca
  • mingw-gstreamer1-plugins-bad-free
  • mingw-curl
  • mingw-python3
  • mingw-postgresql
  • mingw-podofo
  • mingw-opusfile
  • mingw-minizip
  • mingw-libssh2
  • mingw-gdal
  • mingw-openssl

Benefit to Fedora

Ship up-to-date OpenSSL libraries for MinGW.


  • Proposal owners: mingw-openssl will be updated and the mentioned dependencies rebuilt.
  • Other developers: No action required
  • Release engineering: Mass rebuild requested
  • Policies and guidelines: No policies need to be changed

Upgrade/compatibility impact

No impact

How To Test

If your application uses OpenSSL to communicate via TLS or perform other tasks that use cryptographic algorithms from OpenSSL, please test whether it continues to work properly. This should be covered by the comprehensive upstream testsuite of OpenSSL. However many dependent packages also provide good test coverage of OpenSSL functionality.

User Experience

There should be no impact on end-user experience.



Contingency Plan

  • Contingency mechanism: Revert to older versions of environment / toolchain, mass rebuild mingw packages again
  • Contingency deadline: Before release
  • Blocks release? Yes
  • Blocks product? No

Release Notes

Fedora 37 comes with mingw-openssl-3.x.