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The wikipedia:Chaos Communication Congress is a large conference with more than 13,000 attendees in 2015. It covers all aspects of online and offline life and is a big gathering for makers, open-source projects, security researchers and hackers.

Location & Schedule

The congress takes place from 27 December (preparation day) till 30 December in the Leipziger Messe in Leipzig, Germany.[1]

It will be open non-stop with talks usually taking place from 11:00h till 02:00h (20:00h on the last day).

Fedora Project Attendees & Assembly Staff

Name/Link to Userpage Attendency Date Hometown Ticket ordered Interested in Presenting/Holding a workshop Need Sponsorship Need Lodging Possible exhibition items Areas of expertise
Silvia Sanchez 27 December - 30 December Stuttgart, Germany X X Swag including pens & DVDs, laptops with VMs, banner/rollup, others Security, Games, Design/Arts, Programming, ...
Jona Azizaj 27 December - 30 December Tirana, Albany X X Fedorator Community Building
Michael Scherer 27 December - 30 December Paris, France ARM Security, System administration, Programming, ...

Accommodation & Transport

Accommodation proposals

Transport inside and outside Leipzig

  • There's a special pass for 34C3 attendants, covering 4 days for the whole area of Leipzig city, at the price of 16,40€. You can check here: Local transport
  • As usual, there's a special DB ticket for 34C3 attendants. You can check exact prices and details here: German Trains


  • Allocated Budget: 600 Euro
  • Entry pass for the four days start at 100 Euro/person.
Description Amount
Entry, one four day pass 100 Euro
German train ticket 99 Euro
Accommodation in Leipzig 100 Euro


Ideas for self-organized sessions:

  • Introduction to Fedora (jonatoni)
  • Contribution opportunities (lailah)
  • Programming with Fedora (jonatoni)

Assembly item ideas:


  • Participants engaged in a conversation/interaction - Goal: 2000
  • People attending our talks/workshops - Goal:
  • New Fedora contributors gained - Goal: 2
  • Social media impressions - Goal: 2000

More information

Pictures and Reports