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Cloud Tools

Fedora has many different tools packaged for various cloud providers, including command line interfaces (CLIs) and software development kits (SDKs):

  • CLI: command line tools that allow you to query a cloud provider for information or make changes to your cloud deployments
  • SDK: code libraries that integrate into other applications that allow you to query and manage cloud resources programmatically

Cloud CLI tools

Fedora has CLI packages ready to install for multiple cloud providers. Install any of these with dnf install PACKAGE_NAME:

Cloud provider CLI package Notes
Alibaba Cloud golang-github-aliyun-cli Official CLI tool for Alibaba Cloud
AWS awscli Official CLI tool for Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Azure azure-cli Official CLI tool for Microsoft Azure
Digital Ocean doctl Official CLI tool for Digital Ocean
Hetzner Cloud hcloud Official CLI tool for Hetzner Cloud
Linode linode-cli Official CLI tool for Linode
VULTR vultr-cli Official CLI tool for VULTR

Cloud SDKs

Cloud providers release SDKs that allow developers to integrate cloud automation into their existing applications. These generally do not run in a terminal like the CLI tools.


As of the Fedora 36 release, only Alibaba's golang SDK package is packaged. Install golang-github-aliyun-alibaba-cloud-sdk-devel to get started.


Several AWS SDKs are available depending on the programming language in use:

Package Language Notes
golang-github-aws-sdk-devel golang Version 1
golang-github-aws-sdk-2-devel golang Version 2
php-aws-sdk3 PHP
python3-boto3 python


Install golang-github-azure-sdk-devel to get Azure's official golang SDK.

Azure splits their Python SDK into lots of different packages depending on their function. As an example, most network management functions are included in python3-azure-mgmt-network. To see all of the packaged Azure SDKs for Python, run dnf search python3-azure and look through the list for the functions you need.

Digital Ocean

Install golang-github-digitalocean-godo-devel for the official golang SDK. The Python SDK is packaged as python3-digitalocean.

Google Cloud

Install golang-cloud-google-devel for the official golang SDK.

The Python SDK components are split into lots of different packages based on their functions. Run dnf search python3-google-cloud for an up to date list of all components.


Install golang-github-linode-linodego-devel for Linode's golang SDK or perl-WebService-Linode for the Perl SDK.


Install golang-github-ovh for OVH's golang SDK.


The latest version of VULTR's official golang SDK is in golang-github-vultr-govultr-2-devel. Version 1 is still available as golang-github-vultr-cli-devel.