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This page is part of the larger process around Reimbursements and Sponsoring event attendees.
Let community card holders pay bills for you!
In NA, EMEA, and LATAM, we have community credit cards that can be used for expenses. The receipts are collected by the card's main point of contact, and Red Hat pays the credit card bill from the Community Architecture budget. The points of contact are Andrew Ward (NA), Joerg Simon (EMEA), and Neville Cross (LATAM).

What can the cards be used for?

Assuming that the expense has been approved, the cards can be used for:

  • Purchasing materials needed for Fedora from trusted online sellers.
  • Linking the card to PayPal for reimbursing Fedora expenses.
  • Vendors for swag, media, etc. who accept credit card payments.
  • Sponsorship of booths/events that accept credit card payments.
  • Paying for hotel accomodations.
  • Paying for travel tickets (air, train, etc.)
  • Meals
  • Shipping
  • etc.

Approval of expenses

There are several parts of Fedora that can approve an expense on the community credit cards:

  1. Initial request goes to FAMSCO and is routed to the appropriate card holder.
  2. Initial request goes to a member of Community Architecture or to the FPL.
  3. Initial request goes directly to one of the card holders.
  4. One of the cardholders makes a judgement decision to have an expense, or if something urgent comes up.

What does this mean? It means that for each scenario above, there are several ways that transparency is maintained:

  1. The initial requestor, which is an individual contributor, an event owner, a FUDCon or FAD organizer, a regional ambassador leader, etc.
  2. Peer review and approval.
    1. Regional ambassador meeting.
    2. FAMSCo makes a decision.
    3. Community team or FPL makes a decision.
  3. Direct handling of the payment by card holder.

Opening tickets and tracking requests
We are currently using the FAmSCo trac instance. Cc the responsible card holders in trac and choose your region, so we know which region needs the money. If you have questions, contact the FAmSCo trac admin.