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This test verifies that installing Fedora onto a Mac will result in a functioning dual-boot system: Fedora and macOS.

This test sequence is known to work on any version of macOS from Sierra (macOS 10.12) to Big Sur (macOS 11), but should be compatible with older versions.

No Apple Silicon Support
Fedora does not support the Apple Silicon M1-based Mac computers. Only Intel x86_64 Macs are capable of running Fedora at this time.

How to test

  1. Start with an "out of the box" Mac with a single volume
    • This excludes Macs already using "Boot Camp" to support dual-booting with Windows.
  2. Start Disk Utility (/Applications/Utilities/Disk Utility)
  3. Use Disk Utility to re-partition the drive
    • Click on the drive icon, rather than the Mac volume; this makes the Partition button in the toolbar active
    • Click on the Partition button in the toolbar
    • Click on the + button to add a partition
    • Use the interface to establish the desired size for the new partition. Leave the Name "Untitled" and Format "Mac OS Extended" unchanged.
    • Click Apply. Click Partition. Then click Continue.
  4. Create Fedora installation media
    • Use Fedora Media Writer for macOS to create Fedora installation media.
    • Reboot holding down the Opt (or right Alt) key, and choose the "Fedora Media" option in the boot manager. Boot Fedora.
  5. Advance to Destination Installation spoke
    • Select the proper disk
    • Select "Automatic configure partitioning"
    • Click Done, when the Installation Options appears, choose Reclaim Space
    • Locate and select the hfs+ "Untitled" volume created earlier in macOS Disk Utility, click the Delete button (not Delete all)
    • Click Reclaim space button to accept changes and return to the main menu
  6. Click Begin Installation

Expected Results

  1. Fedora installer should boot normally, and complete installation without errors.
  2. System should boot Fedora by default
  3. Rebooting while holding the Option key, there should be Mac and Fedora options in the boot manager.
    • Making a choice here should result in the system booting the chosen operating system. Test both.
    • GRUB menu will have options for Fedora and macOS; the macOS entries are known to be non-functional.