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DORS/CLUC is one of the biggest linux conferences in Croatia. Conference gathers international and local IT experts in order to exchange experiences and ideas. Fedora has been invited to participate in this event. Therefore, we will organize talks and various workshops, and have a nice booth full of swag.

Website: | DORS/CLUC 2017

When and Where


Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (FER), Zagreb, Croatia.



Talks & Workshops

Name Description Type (talk/workshop) Owner
Fedora and VR glass The VR technology resident only on Windows. We dont have too much information about Linux platforms setup. I will show you a working VR on Fedora Linux, and games which are compatible with. Steam VR, and free alternatives. Talk Gergely Rákosi
Fedora Modularity Fedora Modularity is a project where we are building a modular Linux distribution with software in multiple versions and on various lifecycles. Talk Adam Samalik