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What design team members intend to go to Flock 2015?

  • gnokii
  • riecatnor
  • mizmo
  • jurank_dankkal
  • suchakra
  • Emichan
  • (add yourself here)

What topics will we propose?

  • Design Clinic (gnokii?) - bring your UI or artwork or unfiled design team ticket to an open "office hours" session with design team members and get feedback / critique / help.
  • Wallpaper Hunt (gnokii?) - design team members with cameras could plan a group photoshoot to get nice pictures that could make good wallpapers for F23 (rietcatnor suggested Highland Park as a good potential place to go. Three parts:
    • Introduction what makes a good wallpaper
    • the actually hunt on a place with nice motives
    • post processing of the pictures with dt and/or gimp
  • Badge Design Workshop (riecatnor)
  • UX in the Design Process (kirkb)
    • The session attendees are grouped and asked to build an application (all the same application). They're given paper, pens, etc - material for paper prototyping/drawing. The groups are given 5 minutes (or some other amount) to put together an iteration of the interface. At the end, there is user testing done via the paper prototype (someone from the another group acts as "user", or facilitator(s) do, but must be someone from outside the group). Then another 5 minute iteration to incorporate the feedback. Then more testing ... etc.
  • Fedora Hubs (mizmo)
    • Learn about the design of a Fedora "social network" called Fedora Hubs.
  • Faces of Flock
    • an exhibition on photographs of people taken during flock