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Discontinued Spins Process


When a spin is no longer being maintained the Spins SIG needs to do some clean up.

Determining if a spin is discontinued

A spin should be considered discontinued if any of the following apply:

  1. The previous spin maintainer has announce their intention to no longer maintain it and two weeks have gone by without a volunteer to take over the maintenance.
  2. The spin has not completed the recurring spin process by feature freeze.

What needs to be done for a discontinued spin

  1. The kickstart file should be removed from the git master branch.
  2. The spin wiki page should be checked to make sure that the link to the kickstart file for the last release links to an appropriate branch of the spin-kickstarts repository.
  3. It should also have a link to a version of the wiki page appropriate for the previous release that is labelled with the release name.
  4. There should be a prominent notice that the spin is discontinued as of the next release.
  5. The category information needs to remain with the current page, though most other information can be trimmed so that the notice doesn't get missed. (The links to the previous releases with have the full contents for interested people.)
  6. The design team ( should be notified so that the user oriented spins pages can be updated.

Discussion & Proposed Changes