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  • Practically nothing.

Still needs work

  • anaconda (via pyblock) needs to set a uuid for new raids it discovers.
  • mkinitrd needs to query the uuid and put it in the initrd
  • nash needs support for setting uuids
  • done as of 9 Jan 2006
  • not committing until after mkinitrd stuff above is done
  • won't be in fc5t2
  • Certain BIOS formats aren't supported at all:
  • MPT/Fusion
  • detection of mirror sync status from metadata
  • BIOS formats we know we get this right on: none
  • BIOS formats we know we get this wrong on: sata_sil via
  • dmraid monitoring/sync daemon (aka dmsyncd)
  • just started working on this today (9 Jan 2006)
  • write out mirror sync status to metadata once sync completes
  • not implemented yet.
  • needs functionality not yet in libdmraid .
  • detection of mirror sync completion
  • not implemented yet.
  • requires uuid changes in anaconda/nash/mkinitrd .
  • detection of disk swapout between reboots:
  • not implemented yet.
  • probably will require more anaconda/mkinitrd/nash changes. Not sure yet.