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The presentation found here is the same one used for the BarCamp talk.

DOCTYPE declaration

do not forget the declaration for xml DOCTYPE docbook.dtd at the beginning.

  • it may be used by tools (validators) or created by tools (Publican)
  • it is used for validation
  • cut and paste - but note book vs article
  • first element must match declaration (book vs article)


    • helps with repurposing content
    • ie each chapter is in its own file. then the book/article just includes with appropriate chapters.
    • can include any type - chapter, para, ...


  • define the entity !ENTITY DISTRO "The Susan spin of Fedora"
  • inline or through a reference to a separate file (.ent file)
  • publican will auto include (and use publican-fedora rpm for branding including this)
  • use as &DISTRO; in content

tools (for any xml not just docbook)

  • xmlint - does it follow the dtd
  • xsltproc - transforms to other types like pdf or html
  • xmltidy


  • lots of older one and custom one.
  • Fedora now including and using Publican
file.xml -> xsltproc -> -> fop -> file.pdf
  • xsltproc read in style sheet
  • fo is about layout


  • can create template
create_book --brand=fedora --type=article --name=article2