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Fedora Marketing Messaging Guide

This page is a draft only
It is still under construction and content may change. Do not rely on the information on this page.

Documentation Summary:

Purpose: Document providing a sustainable marketing message and how to use it

Audience: Fedora spokespeople and marketing contributors

Assumptions: The reader has a Fedora account.

Related Documents: None

Lead Writer: Karsten Wade

All contributors and module assignments


Pages for individual chapters:


Raw notes dump from the FUDCon session :

Problem statement — Need a long-term, sustainable marketing and communications plan by March.


  • Fedora Messaging Guide:
    • Folks/friends
    • Freedom
    • Features
  • Call for spokespeople
  • Event kit (table cloth, collateral, CDs, sellables and giveaways)
  • Prioritize events and build a schedule
  • Future of FUDCon
    • Raleigh 2008 attendees numbers roughly:
      • 30 sessions
      • 200 attendees
      • Some attendance funded by Fedora (6)
    • Invite FLOSS press
    • Work out the relationship with the Red Hat Summit

Other notes:

  • Communication mechanism
  • Messaging - “Get shit done”
  • Lack of spokesperson consistency
    • “Lawless” process
    • Needs repetition/theme
  • Summit presence/FUDCon/Events
  • Long-term comms plan/process
  • Jesse Keating pointed out in his blog that he doesn't think we do a good enough job promoting Fedora as the truly open community distribution that it is; specifically, the ability to join and build your software right into the distribution removing the need for "build services" etc. Also, that by getting your software into Fedora significantly increases your chances of getting it into the next RHEL release too.