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EuroPython 2016 - Bilbao, Spain

About EuroPython

EuroPython is the official European conference about the Python programming language. The 2011 edition, held in the same place, attracted more than 700 people and was a great success.

Date & Location

Event Owner

Michal Cyprian

Other Attendees

Nemanja Milosevic

Material Needed

  • Fedora <3 Python stickers
  • Posters
  • Flyers - see this one


  • Figure out who is coming (if you are please add your name above)
  • Determine how much space (if any) is available for Fedora,
  • Decide what can we do as Fedora group



  • Travel: Flight from Prague to Bilbao (17.7. - 27.7.) - $280
  • Ticket: the student discount and early bird discount - $90
  • Accommodation: Shared with nmilosev and 2 colleagues. - $500 for Fedora booth participants (me and nmilosev).


  • Travel: Plane ticket from Belgrade to Bilbao (17.7. - 24.7.) - $400
  • Ticket: Already bought for me with the student discount and early bird discount - $90 - please refund to Miro Hroncok, he will transfer the ticket to me after reimbursement

  • Total: $1360 ($90 to mhroncok for the ticket)



EuroPython 1.jpeg EuroPython 2.jpg