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Things that are not (yet?) important enought to have an own entry on the schedule will be tracked here:

  • stuff that came up in the in fedora-land that should be discussed quickly in the next meeting should be added to the "Minor stuff that needs discussing" -- tell everybody that I never understood bar
  • minor stuff where someone in one of the last meetings said to drive them forward are tracked in the "Minor stuff that still needs to be solved"

Minor stuff that still needs to be discussed or solved

  • Nothing currently.

Upcoming Topics

  • February 25, 2009 - Features not testable and nearly complete may be pushed to F12
  • April 8, 2009 - Features need to be 100% complete, and FESCo to make final decisions on whether to keep or defer features.

Topics for the next IRC-Meeting

/topic FESCo-Meeting -- Elect new FESCo chair - all

/topic FESCo-Meeting -- New FESCo meeting time - all

/topic FESCo-Meeting -- Adding provenpackagers to experienced maintainer definition - - nirik

/topic FESCo-Meeting -- PackagingDrafts/RenamingPackages - nirik