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This page is the home of the Feature profiles for the F18 release. For more information on what feature profiles are or how this deliverable was created, see Feature profiles SOP.

Printable versions can be remixed for handouts, inclusion in the F18 press kit, or other uses; they should be linked here when ready.


Feature Owner Reference page Notes
GNOME 3.6 Gnome 3.6 Feature Page
Virt Live Snapshots Virt Live Snapshots feature page
Virt Guest Suspend/Hibernate Virt Guest Suspend/Hibernate feature page
KDE Plasma Workspaces 4.9 KDE 4.9 feature page
New Installer UI New Installer UI feature page
OpenStack Folsom OpenStack Folsom feature page
oVirt Engine 3.1 oVirt Engine 3.1 feature page
Riak Riak feature page
Samba 4 Samba 4 feature page
Storage Management Storage Management feature page
System Storage Manager System Storage Manager feature page
FedFS FedFS feature page
Eucalyptus Robyn Bergeron Eucalyptus feature page
Sugar 0.98 Sugar 0.98 feature page