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This is a Marketing retrospective generated using the Marketing retrospective SOP (sort of).


This Marketing retrospective follows up from the 2015 marketing retrospective, which was the first one in a long time.

Good Stuff

What did we do right?

  • The materials we had for this release were well-written and several contributors participated in the final product, rather than it being a single contributor carrying the load. Many thanks to all the folks who pitched in for this release!

Fedora Magazine

Marketing tasks

What can we do better?

  • We were still struggling to get information from the various working groups and craft a coherent story for this release. I hope we can start this release "story" at Flock.


Where did we have gaps?

  • There were gaps with how we… …because…

How do we bridge them?

  • We can solve… …by…

Ideas and Wishlist for F24

  • I wish for…

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