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This is the main page for Fedora section in the context of Russian Open Source Summit 2012 (ROSS).

ROSS is the biggest annual Russian open source conference that includes sessions for different audiences - from geek developers to CIOs.

Location and Date

Location: Moscow, Russia (Olympiski prospect, 18/1, google map)

Date: April, 12, 2012


We'd like to organize Fedora session and gather local developers who really contribute to open source projects.

So our primary goals are:

  • demonstration of the real value of upstream contribution
  • exchange of experience in contributing to upstream opensource projects
  • informal discussion

Responsible Ambassadors



We plan to advertise the event using the following resources:

Event Format

ROSS is one-day event. This year it will have 8 sections for different audiences.

We plan Fedora section like 2-3 full presentations and quite enough time to informal discussion.


Last year number of attendees for ROSS was about 600 visitors.


Event organizers will provide a hall for Fedora section with everything required (projector, power for the electronics being used, internet access, etc.).