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Check-list for FLTG Members

  1. Decide the date for all three testing - i18n testing day (by i18n team), l10n testing day and L10n/i18n Installation testing day based on the current release schedule.
  2. According to the dates decided file a ticket on Fedora QA for the l10n test day.
  3. Create the pages for l10n and i18n test days and update FLTG wiki page.
  4. Send an email to the release-engineering team with the ticket number mentioned in step 2, with a request to prepare the ISO and get it ready by a convenient date (at least 3 days before testing day).
  5. Create ticket for rel-eng team for the ISO request. Sample ticket is here.
  6. Post a request to devel-announce ML asking all Fedora packagers to pull latest translations from the repo, repackage with it and push to koji for composing latest image for L10N QA to be prepared by rel-eng. The due date is yyyy-mm-dd (day before rel-eng compose the image). Note: any post to devel-announce needs to be approved the admins and it takes usually half to one day depending on the time difference.
  7. Review both FUA and non-FUA test cases and :
    • Make necessary changes to the existing test cases.
    • Add new test cases for the new packages or features added in the release.
  8. Send the test cases to fltg mailing list for feedback.
  9. Provide necessary details like, ISO link, test cases link, package links etc and correct information about the test days on the FLTG wiki page.
  10. Send a test day notification email with FLTG page link to all mailing lists about the test days dates for the testers to be ready.
  11. Send information on common bugs or issues to the mailing lists (fltg and trans), thus making the testers aware of the known issues.
  12. Follow up with the release engineering team on the ticket for ISO.
  13. Once ISO is ready, download and test the same.
  14. Send another email to the mailing lists on test days about 2 days before the test day and a final reminder on the previous day.
  15. Be present on the test day on the #fedora-fltg to assist other testers.
  16. The testing will be open for a maximum of 2-3 weeks. After 2-3 weeks send the testing report to the mailing list
  17. Collect feedback from all the testers on the test day.

Tasks for FLTG Members

Based on the above listed check-list, the tasks for FLTG members towards the testing events can be divided as below:

1. Communications and different correspondences with various mailing lists.

2. ISO related tasks - includes filing ticket, send email to release-engineering team, follow up and testing the ISO.

3. Review of test cases - remove those irrelevant, add new test cases based on new features and packages.

4. Testing of the new test cases and provide feedback on certain common and known issues to the testers.

5. Assist all the testers on the test day.

6. Prepare report on the test day and send it to mailing list.

7. Collect feedback on testing and list them on the wiki page for future reference and further improvements.

The above tasks are shared among the members and are executed responsibly.

ACTION PLAN for Test Days

1. Once test days are announced on the test mailing list, propose a Thursday, one week before string freeze, for L10n test day and file ticket on Fedora QA for the same. [Ref: Ticket filed for Fedora 19 L10n Test day].

2. Communicate with i18n team for i18n test day on i18n mailing list.

3. File ticket for release engineering team on Fedora QA for ISO required for testing and notify them about it. [Ref: Ticket filed for testing image for Fedora 17].

4. Two weeks before test day,meetings, announcements on test days and preparation of test cases to be started.

5. One week before (previous Thursday of test day) test cases to be finalised/reviewed.

6. Latest ISO testing, final test cases testing and bug filing etc. to be completed during the last 3 days before testing day.

7. Three days before and the previous day of test day, to send reminders on test day on mailing lists.

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