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Instructions to file bugs in GNOME

In Gnome, to file a translation bug for a language, unlike other projects, here this is done against the translation component and not against packages. The translation component is the language component itself. Thus the translation team is notified about the bug and is fixed by the team. Please find the instructions in detail as shown below :-

  • Bugs related to Gnome applications can be filed at Gnome Bugzilla.
  • First and foremost one need to have an account with Gnome Bugzilla and to create an account please click here and follow the instructions.
  • To file a new l10n bug, visit here.
  • Log in to Bugzilla with your correct account details and you will be directed to bug filing page.
  • Select the relevant component (your language), then the version you encountered the bug, fill up summary of the problem and a brief description, add if any attachments and click on "Submit".

Example: Suppose you want to file a bug for Malayalam (ml) language, these are the instructions:-

1. Visit l10n bug filing page and log in to your account.
2. Select the component as "Malayalam [ml], version as say "GNOME 3.8", provide appropriate summary and brief description of the problem and hit "Submit".