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This page tracks detailed logistics information for FUDCon:Tempe 2011. These are not on the main page to avoid confusing attendees as to what they need to do, versus what the organizers need to do.

Contact numbers

  • Classroom support: (480) 965-3342 / at asu dot edu -- This is a central classroom support contact point, and this office will coordinate any further contact needed. If a projector doesn't work, or there's some other problem with a classroom, this is whom to contact.
  • Brickyard Security: (602) 549-8326 -- They will be aware of our event and have contact information for the main points of contact from Red Hat (Jared, Robyn, Paul); note that the Brickyard is a leased space and not owned by the university. If there is a problem that requires building security, contact this number.
  • Facilities management (FacMan) emergency number: (480) 965-3633 -- This is a number of last resort for facility related problems, such as an entry problem or climate control. Possibly better to start with classroom support number above.
  • ASU Catering: (480) 965-6508
  • ASU Memorial Union Meeting & Event Services: (480) 965-3406


Network connectivity

Locations and rooms

All planners have a copy of the room reservation confirmation sheet. Locations are noted on the wiki.

  • Brickyard: BYAC 110, 150, 190, 240, 260, 270
  • College of Design North: CDN 60 (auditorium)
  • Memorial Union: 226 "Graham", 236 "Mohave", 238 "Apache", 240 "Navajo", 242 "La Paz", 246 "Coconino"


Printed materials

Event Sponsorship

FUDCon Tempe 2011 has a prospectus and a sponsorships document available for prospective sponsors.


The goal of the prospectus document is to provide a sense of the conference to potential sponsors and vendors who might be providing services. This allows them to see if the conference is something that fits in line with their normal vision of what they sponsor. This document also provides information about the event, venue, number and type of people who attend the conference.


The goal of the sponsorship document is to provide a basic set of sponsorships available at FUDCon Tempe 2011. However, these are just guidelines and if a sponsor wishes to provide services not listed, other sponsorships can and should be accommodated. The representative should use their best judgment to cover the needs of the conference first and the sponsors interest second.

Event Sponsors

Sponsor name Amount sponsored Funding target
Sample Co $1 To be used for food