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Ambassadors routinely need to move swag and other material used in events to other group members, but shipping with snail mail is often time consuming and inefficient.

On the other hand, FUDCon is a great chance to shortcut the procedure and provide a venue for redistributing what we have.

With a single place to gather on, we can reassemble a good amount of media, stickers, and other goods remainder for previous events and use them for new activities.

Organize a Swag Bazaar

The swag bazaar can be organized at any time during the FUDCon event, but it's probably best to do on the last day, just before leaving.

Be sure to notify relevant mailing lists (most notably ambassadors and marketing) about the bazaar, so that people participating to FUDCon can bring on their remaining material.

Remember to provide small boxes on the Bazaar room, so it's easier to bring the material back.