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Re-base Eclipse stack to latest upstream


Re-base Eclipse stack to Europa release. This begins with the Eclipse SDK moving to 3.3 and then updating each of the dependent packages and ensuring they all function properly with 3.3 (they should, barring internal class usage).


  • Name: AndrewOverholt

Current status

Detailed Description

The upstream community releases high quality SDK versions once a year in late June. The latest release in June 2007 is version 3.3. For the second year in a row, the 2007 release of the SDK was part of a combined "release train" that included many other projects -- those dependent on the SDK itself and each other -- releasing simultaneously. 2006's release train was called 'Callisto' and 2007's, Europa. The Eclipse project maintains strict API guidelines so it is unlikely that anything in the 3.x series will fail to work with version 3.3 of the SDK.

Benefit to Fedora

Latest version of a great IDE and development platform.


Requires lots of work to re-base SDK SRPM to latest upstream. Not as much work will be required for projects up the stack, but it will not be trivial.

Test Plan

Run upstream tests -- there are thousands of JUnit tests.

User Experience

Users will get the advantages of all of the latest editions of the projects. Since upstream only releases the SDK once a year, there are *lots* of bug fixes and enhancements in each major release.


  • icu4j 3.6.1 (done)
  • 1.5-level VM (already present)
  • ant and lots of ant plugins (done)
  • lots of jakarta commons stuff (done)
  • lucene 1.9 (done)
  • junit 3, junit4 (done)
  • jetty (building right now -- 2007-08-29 19:20 EDT)
  • (others I'm probably forgetting) (all done)

Contingency Plan

Fall back to 3.2.2 and other Callisto releases.


Release Notes

Users upgrading from 3.2.2 may have to deal with issues in ~/.eclipse but we will attempt to deal with these during the test cycles of F8.