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Fedora 15 Systemtap 1.5


This feature brings systemtap 1.5 to Fedora 15.


Current status

  • Targeted release: Fedora 15 (and its Feature List)
  • Last updated: 2011-03-28
  • Percentage of completion: 66.624%
  • PCP integration code due in next few weeks.

Detailed Description

By F15's beta deadline, we anticipate releasing systemtap 1.5. This feature is for its inclusion in Fedora.

Benefit to Fedora

Beyond systemtap 1.4's recently added features [1], we anticipate adding some PCP integration, as well as more remote-probing facilities.

"Syncing with upstream keeps Fedora current. This is part of regular package maintenance."


The fedora portion of this work is simply ensuring that upstream systemtap continues to work against rawhide fedora, and that any build requisites remain compatible. To this end, we intend to build periodic snapshots of the in-progress 1.5 tree into rawhide.

How To Test

Systemtap includes an optional systemtap-testsuite RPM, which contains a dejagnu-based bucket of a few thousand tests. A "sudo make -C /usr/share/systemtap/testsuite installcheck" invokes it.

User Experience

For the improved remote-probing, we anticipate a user interface extension such as

stap --remote=HOST1 --remote=HOST2 --remote=USER@HOST3 -e 'script'

We haven't worked out the details of how the PCP integration should look yet.


A newer version of PCP will be needed for systemtap interoperation. Discussion with its maintainers is in progress.

Contingency Plan

Non-completion will result in the recently-released (current rawhide) systemtap version 1.4 being used in F15.


Systemtap includes a suite of man pages and book-length documentation, which will be updated to include any new features.

Release Notes

Release notes for 1.5 will be composed with the upstream release.

Comments and Discussion